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Fine Kettle of Fish is a newsletter with fun and useful tips and insights into all aspects of food and drink.

I share my experience with my readers, many of whom are just like you, busy people who love food, like to cook, and want practical tips they can actually use. Life is messy and you have things to do, so let me help you get it all done (and impress your family and friends while you’re at it!)

Need to choose the right cut of meat? Gotta feed picky kids (and adults)? Want to trim your grocery bill? You can find great tips here. Curious about a new ingredient or how to put chemistry to work in the kitchen? Wanna know how to find a great restaurant in an unfamiliar city? Curious about all those building blocks of French cuisine? I’ve got tons of tricks up my sleeves collected from years of experience, study, and a whole lot of mistakes.

I also share what’s on my mind in my weekly Food For Thought columns. Culture, politics, economics, and current events affect the food on our plates so there’s always something to talk about. And if I get it wrong? Be sure to tell me!

A Bit About Me

My name is Sarah. I’m a writer, former public servant, and graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, one of North America’s most prestigious culinary schools. I’ve worked behind a desk and behind a kitchen pass, and now I’m putting two of my greatest passions together - cooking and writing.

When I don’t have a knife in my hand or dough under my nails I’m reading books about everything (especially history), chasing a busy child, and enjoying northeastern Ontario’s beautiful outdoors. I also do freelance writing for a variety of industries, so if you need something written hit me up and we can chat.

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